Journal Entry: March 1... Caveman Diet.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 3:28am
I have decided I will begin the Caveman diet. Why? The "Nutrition Commission" or FDA is trying to imprison someone for blogging about it. Aparently it cured this guy of diabetes after a few months. So they want to have him charged with practicing nutrition without a liscense. Ok. These B.S. agencies that exist to protect the interests of groups that make money off their influence are becoming FASCIST. I am calling out the government and it's phony baloney riceroni gibroni. I bet they are making an example of him to protect McDonalds or Genetically Altered Foods Companies that serve the purpose of New World Order FASCISTS who want to breed dependance and complacency, kill off people with their own unhealthy habits, and pull the entire population into the slavery they are promoting with heavy-handed subliminal advertising messages. Just like the Environmental Protection Agency which they want you to believe protects the environment from things like oil spills. But it really exists to make you think someone is watchdogging BigOilCorporations... while accepting big multi-million dollar buyout BRIBES to look the other way from the constant flow of oil leakage in off-shore rigging due to drilling operations and faulty equipment. For whatever reason it's cheaper, or draws less negative public attention to do that then it does to have the equipment replaced and have to explain why. That's right, you wannabe fascist dictator oligarchs. I know about that. So i'm calling the bluff. Tomorrow I begin the Caveman Diet. Fruit and nuts all day and a feast in the evening. Hopefully it won't interfere with the gym. Who knows, maybe it will cure my diabetes. It's more likely to than eating the junk they want me to. They want me DEAD! Their goal is to reduce the Earth's population to 500,000,000 in a few years. Any way they can get us killed or let us die is acceptable. Does that explain a few things about poverty, disease, pharmiceuticals, and pointless wars? Wish me luck.
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The American Public is Lethargic, Complacent, and Buying Expensive Congressional Lies at the Expense of Freedom.

You want to hear some serious truth?  Politics exposed by CIA personnel.


The U.S. public is still the willingly deceived sheep that the power establishment of corporate wealth, banking infrastructure, military muscle, and congressional denial wants it to be.  You want the head of Osama Bin Laden on a platter, because you are TOLD that two WTC towers were destroyed by his militia.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!  If you looked into it, there was a third WTC building that was destroyed just for the hell of it aparently, with no explanation as to how.  It JUST happened to be the headquarters of certain government agencies such as FBI and Secret Service.  Also, Osama Bin Laden did not arrange the hits.  Nor was he killed in 2011 by Navy Seals.  He was dead years ago, and the government knows it.
There you have it.  We have been lied to yet again.  And that is just the cover-up.  Note, a week or two after that "assassination," the Seal team attributed with his alleged assassination died in a tragic, and extremely suspicious helicopter accident.  Cover-up of the cover-up.

Osama Bin Laden did not ever claim to be responsible for the 9/11 attacks, except in a video released by the U.S. government, which is a phony, having someone pretending to be Bin Laden, and claiming the attacks.  It doesn't even look like him.  And the actor is right handed, while Bin Laden is reportedly left-handed, according to the CIA.  And the CIA would know, because Osama Bin Laden is a CIA asset, having done business with the CIA in years past, back in the 1990's.  So you were lied to from the beginning.  Footage of Bin Laden has been deliberately mis-translated, in order to make it sound like the man had no remorse regarding the killing of innocent men and women, when in reality, it is not true.  He believed in his cause, to protect and fight for his people, but not enough to cause mass casualty of women and children.  Here's a YouTube "blogger" on that subject.
There is conveniently no proof of Osama Bin Laden's demise.  All pictures of him after his fake assassination have been fake.
He's been reported dead by numerous sources quite a few times since December 2001.  Never was heard from since then, either.  But they let you believe he was alive, and then killed him off to justify taking over the Middle East in order to isolate Iran, so that we can eventually take what we want from them as well.  Then when the war was no longer politically or lucratively valuable, at just the right timing, he was "killed."  It's like something out of the X-Files.  Here's a detailed list of the times he has been reported and accounted for as dead, deceased, expired, passed away, decommissioned, terminated, etc.
Want to see more proof?  Another YouTube blogger has put together a great assessment of the situation in this video (be sure to look in the description).
Here's more videos that break it down.

Wake up, America.  Don't you believe you are being lied to?  Are you convinced that the U.S. Government and Infrastructure is honest with you, has your best interests at heart?  They couldn't be lying THAT much, RIGHT????  Just little white lies now and then to protect your "National Security."  Guess what?  They don't care about you, they care about establishing their power as an elitist organization and individual power over the ENTIRE WORLD.  Don't believe me?  How many of you knew about the North American Union?

They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
--Benjamin Franklin

Also, Please be aware of what is in the works as far as implementing a full control matrix of RFID chips that all Americans will be required to have installed into our bodies.  The extremely powerful, wealthy, and lawless, including politicians and Rockefellers want this to be implemented ASAP so they can further control all money and all freedom.  This is a link to one of many YouTube videos on the subject.  I intend to blog on this matter more extensively in the future.

Nuclear Meltdown, More On the 9/11 Bombings, and Miscellaneous Research Material

Listen to this radio-blog about the Japanese nuclear power plant meltdown.  It is an interview with David Sereda dropping gravity-bending-super-massive-black-hole knowledge about that and crystals and cosmic communication, and human energy.  This document is a reference from another David Sereda's videos, and it is about "subtle energy" which refers to the energy of the human body.  Turns out, your body puts out more energy that several stars like our sun in one year.  High frequency energy.

Moving on, there is more about the 9/11.  This is an article about the court case of April Gallop, an eyewitness of the Pentagon bombing.  Here is an article about how the justice system is attempting to screw her over.  She says that there was no plane crash, and the U.S. government is responsible for her injuries, and those of her infant.  Now, she is in Army Intelligence, so it's not like she is ignorant of these things.  The following is a few segments of the March 31 Coast to Coast AM program, featuring John Lear.  Among other things, such as the civilization on the moon, he is talking matter-of-factly about how the airplane crashes of September 11 were faked (and YES, since it's out there, and other people are starting to say it, Osama Bin Laden was already done when Seal Team 6 "killed" him last year.  He has been dead for years and years.  Lear says '01 was the year he died, which is very likely.  I heard that it was a few years after that from a CIA operative back in 2009.  I knew this back THEN because someone in the CIA told me.  So I was not fooled, and I let all my friends know it was a hoax when they pretended to kill the guy last year.  It was such a bogus story too.  How could that fool anyone?).  I think we can, or really SHOULD get past the whole "9/11 was a terrorist attack, an event provoked by hatred of freedom and our way of life" rhetoric.  It's a mainstream illusion.  The  simply not the way it is.  It was a highly sophisticated action planned and executed by our government, designed on the Hegelian Dialectic, and followed up by "quick and decisive action" by the Federal Executive Branch, to begin a war that served a few elitist interests... To begin a ten+ years war before a legitimate investigation could be done to establish exactly what happened objectively, without preconceived notions.  They do this alot, as long as they can do whatever they want, whatever the people know about the truth, or THINK they know, doesn't matter.  They just deny it, and control the information the best they can.  9/11 was blamed on a man who was a CIA asset, and denied involvement days later.  That would be Bin Laden.  On 11/9 of the same year, his testimony was faked by the government, to make it seem like he was claiming responsibility.  Hopefully, more on that later.  Research on that is still in process.  But here is the John Lear interview:

Hopefully, my readers continue to inspect and look into the data and information I present, enlightening themselves, putting the pieces together, and drawing their own conclusions.  There are wolves out there, ladies and gentlemen.  Wolves in sheep's clothing, wolves in suits, wolves in the shadows, and wolves that don't care HOW you see them.  I am convinced, they do not care about us, they want to lord over us, and even kill us all, take over the planet, and maybe give it to WORSE people.  Knowledge is power, right?  What you do with it is what is in question.  Do nothing, and you are not taking responsibility for the truth, and the power you have been given.  In the end, I hope nobody can say I didn't try.

Here is a documentary about the military/industrial/congressional complex called The Shock Doctrine.
The following video is simply Naomi Klein (creator of the Shock Doctrine) giving a lecture about Disaster Capitalism.  I think I'm in love with her.  She's super-hot.  And smart.  And a conspiracy-theorist.  Total sex appeal to me.  But she's married.  Rats.  What a lucky guy.  He better treat her right.

What in the World is happening to the World?

I have been putting the pieces together for years now, it seems.  And it's all led me here.  I may be wrong about this or that, and I'm probably right about some things it's even hard for ME to believe.  For Example, UFO technology may have been developed by Nazi scientists first.  I hope to write an article on that entire can of worms later; it was my original intention to do that tonight, but I found this video first and watched the entire 2 1/2 hours of it.  With everything from great delight to great horror, I watched it all unfold.  I commend the creator of this video for the elegant twining of history into an unraveling of the cords of occult conspiracy in our world today, and the great quality of work and attention to detail he put into it.  I say my reaction was delight and horror, because I was delighted to see that someone else had drawn so many of the same conclusions as me, seen the same evidence and told the same story.  Also he gave even MORE insight into the history and mechanics of this thing than I have the knowledge to do, and there were elements presented that I was previously unaware of.  But horror struck me at the immensity of the powers against us, the power of the evil massing against the people of Earth.  It does NOT mention UFOs or anything like that, but I am realizing as I uncover things, that it's all true, and so many of the terrible things I am beginning to be aware of outside of this are probably true as well.  And they DO play a part in all of this.  But the focus tonight is a giant plot for power.

I present the NWO: Secret Societies and Biblical Prophesy

I would like to clarify (since this is a bit of a religious video, although not overpoweringly so), my own beliefs.  I want to do this not only for the reader's sake, but for my own.  I need to know where I stand.  Because there is where I must stand.

I told my friend, when she asked where God is in all this, that I feel like Hitler used "God" to kill almost as many Jews as Bush and the American power complex used "God" to kill Americans.  I don't want to use God.  Rather, I will not justify my actions, I will let them speak for themselves, and hope that God uses me.  I believe in the words of Jesus; in fact my hope pretty much rests on them.  To say he was the Son of God is too simple for me.  But he was.  And if I can believe the Bible at all, it's going to be his words I trust, not the dogma-spewing, circle-talking, weasel pharisee, false-prophet poster boy for the anti-christ church.  I will not choose or follow a religion, whether that is the right thing or the wrong thing to do, I cannot say.  I just won't do it, because I think they're all wrong, they're all corrupt.  They have a lot of truth, then let that truth be tainted by hatred and pride, or simply rotten with the thread of lies interwoven in the truth.  The best place to hide a lie is between two truths.  I.e. "Don't add to the Words of God.  The Bible is the only, pure, truly inspired Word of God.  Don't take away from the Words of God."  I don't know how you think this God person is... but I have a pretty high view of him (even though I sometimes say that we were created in a lab by aliens), because I think if he has a body, it is the Universe, and if he has a mind, it's Life, and if he has a past, it's us, and if he has a future, it's what we will be, and if he has a name... it is not "Dog" backwards.  It is great and unspeakable.  He is beyond understanding, and if he has a mouth, and speaks words, they are not all in one book.  And he is not hurt by sin, and not afraid of it, or bound by one way of speaking.  He is not a man, that we can attribute our own insanity and fear of the unknown to him, for nothing that we will encounter is unknown to him.
...So I do not believe in Bible-worship.  But the Law is in it.  And the Law was the ultimate best we can do by ourselves and God, I guess.  I don't live up to it, and neither do any of you.  Jesus said if you look at a woman wrong, you committed adultery.  If you fly off at your brother, or anyone, you are in your heart, a murderer.  So don't beat yourself up for failing in the eyes of the law.  Jesus didn't hold it against us.  He was more concerned with us doing GOOD.  Because the MORE GOOD you do, the LESS EVIL you do.  It's simple mathematics.  more good=less evil.  So repenting is not something you say, or a change of heart.  It is really just living today a little better than you lived yesterday.  Talk is great, but action is better.
I don't hate other religions, rather I look to them for the truth they contain.  The good seeds they sow. If a tree is known by it's fruit, then that is the only way it can be judged.  Not by it's bark, or it's shape, or where it is growing, or how old it is, or whether it makes good shade...
It has been impressed on me several times recently, that one of the greatest sins we can commit, is to fear evil.  This is very true.  I am kind of rebuking myself for being afraid of the NWO, and the power of secret societies.  As I said of the Lord, he is far above our fears.  An ultimate source of strength and power.  Not their kind of planned power.  Rule by material or force.  He does not NEED us to act a certain way, nor does he feel the need to "do something quick" to contain the puny whims of those we see as powerful.  I do believe in heaven and hell, in a way, sort of like Dante's Inferno, but also different.  Heaven is not a shiny city where everyone can live a perfect life, or sit on their asses or something.  It is a greater adventure, leading to even greater ones.  More chances at higher states of being.  Hell is not just a pit where you just fall in and that's it for eternity.  I don't see it like that.  It is a greater challenge, a more hopeless life, leading to even more and more hopeless ones.  Less happiness and more suffering.  Until you reach the bottom of "hell," I do not believe your eternal adventure has ended.  Just like you have not fully become pure and happy in "heaven" until you reach the Highest.

But I digress.  We must not be afraid.  We will make the decisions we will make, and we must try to make the best ones we can, and do right.  Good and bad will happen, and they are subjective terms.  But wrong and right are objective, and they are our decisions.  We must live in faith, I think, and not fear the enemy.  As a friend pointed out to me, fighting evil cannot be done with more evil, for then the evil just continues.  It is never a decisive blow.  It is always done out of fear.  War, stealing, murder, lies... all motivated by fear.  And fear of evil will make us fight back with more evil, which will make us an agent of evil, and therefore, evil will control the battle.  If we fight with good, however, we take control of the situation.  Like when Jesus said, "If you are forced to walk a mile with someone, walk a second with him on your own will.  If he demands your cloak, give him also your tunic."  You have taken control of this battle.  Now, you were not robbed.  Instead, you saw a man who needed clothing, so you gave freely.  You were not enslaved, you offered your services willingly.  It hurts our pride.  If you have ever watched the movie Revolver, you will know that "Sam Gould" is the enemy that hides where you would be least likely to look for him... Nobody sees Gould, but he sees everything.  You cannot fight him on his own terms.  You have to humiliate him.  It's a long story, just watch the movie Revolver.
Fear is what gives evil the power it needs to take our freedom, remove from us the truth.  As you will find out by studying the Hegelian Dialectic.
Another Hegelian Dialectic Article
How the Hegelian Dialectic is leveraged on the American Public.
This is the power structure's biggest use of fear to accomplish their political aims.
As I said, I disagree with the maker of the above video in a few areas.  I don't completely discredit some Gnostic truths.  I believe what has since been dismissed as Gnosticism was just the early Church being free... "Gnostic Christianity" if you will.  I may be wrong, but some of their more important scriptures I feel are as true as the Bible's Gospels, and just as important.  Maybe Christian Anarchy is the best form of religion, if you read The Kingdom of God is Within You, by Leo Tolstoy (this link is the Wiki article on the book).  It seems to be based on what Jesus said.  "If they tell you the Kingdom of God is in the ocean, don't believe them, or the fish will precede you.  If they tell you the Kingdom of God is in the sky, don't listen, or the birds will get there first.  Rather, the Kingdom is within you.  And around you."  I would also venture to say, if they say it is in a book, don't believe them, or it's all just words, and they will read it first... and they might not let you.
I just love freedom and I don't want fear to take it away from me.  Or anybody else.  And fear will do that to you, if you let it.

Tonight: Hooters!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Thank you for reading my blog.  You are all my children, and I love you all.
I think we have been in some interesting places in the past week or two.  UFOs, Illuminati, 9/11, crop formations, fake official birth certificates, government conspiracies, etc.  And the rabbit hole gets deeper.  Once again, the question was never "How deep does the rabbit hole go?" so much as "How far, and how deep am I willing to go?"  Thank God I have had help with the research I've been doing.  This has allowed me to get to the bottom of some pretty weighty issues in a shorter time.  However, this has left my head reeling, and I think I may be getting a little weird... which is OK, I don't care too much about that.  But I am starting to see the world in Matrix code, so I need to unplug for a while.  Therefore, tonight I am going to Hooters to party with friends!  So no groundbreaking stories tonight, people.  It will not be long til I'm back on the warpath, looking for another issue to dig into, or another axe to grind.
Til then, I will pause dramatically for effect, and allow what I have just said to sink in.

Keep fighting the good fight, and Godspeed.


9/11 WTC Collapse Was Not Caused By Airplane Crash or Fire

Engineers call for a re-investigation of the WTC collapse.

From the research that I and my Consultant have been doing in regards to the collapse of the three World Trade Center attacks, we have come to some very shocking and disturbing conclusions.  These are not absolutely definitive conclusions, I don't have a melted, twisted, steel girder piece with the truth engraved on it.  But I submit that you examine the evidence that I, your humble blogmaster, will present to you, and you will see convincing evidence that there was an elaborate contrivance that led to the destruction which occurred on 9/11, 2001, and that there is a serious conscription of willful deception involved.
This is the PDF file of the 9/11 Commission Report
Friends, I'm not withholding anything from you.  I didn't believe that the towers were brought down by bombs until today.  But I knew there was more to the story than what we were told.  Was I right!!  The Commission report apparently does not acknowledge the presence of the internal structural beams (instead, the lie is that there was a hollow shaft in the center), which are what were demolished, causing the internal explosive shearing, and, as seen in the videos, the center sank first.  You can see the antennae on top sinking just before the collapse.  There were explosives, or firebombs of thermite placed around these central beams a week or two before the crash.  Ladies and gentlemen, it gets worse.

Here is a website presenting the information above.

Before I continue, hopefully your appetite is wet, so let me give you one of the best videos I have seen on this subject.  It is a really good and revealing video.  In twenty minutes it says more than this blog plus itself squared combined.

Also this full length video talks about the explosions from engineering
perspectives, and the truth that we have not been told..

Ok, so what else do we know about this?  Besides that there were shape-charges lining the internal frame of the two towers that were wrecked by planes?  Let's see.  I found out that there was molten material in the level 7 basement, which is unexplained.  Also, comparable skyscrapers in Madrid burned for over 18 hours without falling at over 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, so extreme heat from jet propellant and warped, melted steel was not the culprit.  Think of felling a tree.  A logger will cut a wedge out of the side that the tree is meant to fall towards, and then when the stability is broken, it collapses to that side.  That would be the way the felling of towers 1 and 2 would happen.  Not straight down.  Even considering the warping of super-heated steel on the corner opposite the impact, there would be so much less structure on the crash side, that it would collapse to the side.

This is an article about the Windsor Building in Madrid, Spain, and it's day-long burn.

As I said before, It gets worse.  If you watched the first embedded video above, towards the very end, there are quotes from Osama Bin-Laden.  Also THIS ARTICLE presents a serious denial from Bin-Laden, stating adamantly, a little over two weeks after the fall of the WTC buildings, that he had NOTHING to do with the 9/11 attacks.  He says he is not into killing innocent people like the United States is.  It's just not his style, apparently.  Believe it or not, over a month later, on November 9 (11/9) that statement was reversed in a "Bin Laden video," which claims responsibility explicitly.  Only problem is, there is some debate over whether or not the man in the video is actually Osama.  The man that claims the attack does not look like him in several ways, and does not share certain anatomical characteristics, such as having the same ears as the REAL Osama Bin-Laden.
Did you notice the numerology involved here?  9/11 is the reverse of 11/9, and they have certain meanings in the numerology of the Illuminati.  If you have seen some of my other blogs, you may already know that the Illuminati likes to use certain numbers, like 11, 22, and 33.  7s and 9s and numbers that add up to any of these numbers are also common.  Also, when the Illuminati assassinates someone, they always do it in threes.  This is very important.  When they take someone or SOMETHING down, it's in sets of three.  This is in order to keep the public eye from being distracted by the intended target.  The main sacrificial death will seem more normal, will make less of a public splash.
Did you know that there was three World Trade Center buildings that collapsed that day?  Nobody really mentions that much.  WTC building 7 came down as well.  It was not hit by a jet.  It was not significantly hit by debris (and if it had been, it wouldn't matter, since other surrounding buildings were severely struck by debris, and remained).  Yet it burned and collapsed inexplicably.  In the video you can see the flashes of shape charges going off inside on many floors.  The name "Building 7" is significant numerology as well.  7 is a VERY significant number in Illuminati numerology.  I hope you have an umbrella, because I'm about to drop knowledge.  And it may flood...

Building 7 was absolutely the target.  The other two collapsed in order to keep you from noticing the main attraction.  You don't believe me?  Look at what was contained in tower 7.
here's floors 7-25, just to name a few.


25Inland Revenue Service (IRS)
25Department of Defense (DOD)
25Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
24Inland Revenue Service (IRS)
23Office of Emergency Management (OEM)
22Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
21First State Management Group
19-21ITT Hartford Insurance Group
19National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)
18Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
13Provident Financial Management
11-13Securities and Exchange Commission
9-10US Secret Service
7-8American Express Bank International

That is lots of cover-up.  Here is information on Tower One and Tower Two.
I feel like a lot of people died just for the purpose of destroying that tower number 7.  You don't have to believe me, I suppose, Reader.  But honestly, the evidence is there.  The truth is under our faces, and we are made ignorant of it.  If you put the pieces together, what do you get?

Bin Laden denied having a hand in it, and was falsely accused on a SPECIFIC date 11/9, probably by the CIA.
The buildings were loaded with some type of explosives for several weeks before the attacks, deliberately set up to be detonated and dropped.
The complexity of the whole operation.
The campaign of disinformation brought forth by government agencies and people working for them.
The Northwoods document has statements of intent to do eerily similar deeds, such as fly civilian aircraft or make strikes on our nation's own people in order to justify war with Cuba in the 60's.
The elitist involvement of Illuminati and occult influences in world events.
The Federal government's need to increase power and control of it's subjects, and the desires of those in power to become more wealthy and powerful.
The goal of war.
The purpose of a One World Government and New World Order--an old system of oligarchy and dictatorial overrule of centralized government.
The U.S. Government, maybe even the military and Secret Service were involved in and ultimately responsible for, the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks, the cover-up of the truth about it, and the conspiracy against the American people, and the people of the Earth.

Finally, here are some videos to watch concerning the World Trade Center attacks,
and how they have effected our world and this nation.

This video is a very good one, and fairly short.

The Illuminati Card Game

I just recently found out about the Illuminati card game released in 1995.  There are some disturbing images in it, especially since it was released six years before the 9/11 attacks, and it includes shocking ideas that some of us are already aware of, such as allusions to aerosol chemtrails, population control, genocide, rewriting history, etc.  If you remember, the "Illuminati," as it operates, loves to foreshadow their acts of aggression and control, by symbolizing them, or projecting them at the public through all media.  It creates in effect a public acceptance or conditioning toward the incident.  By rehearsing it through fiction somehow, the success of their operation is ensured in the public consciousness, or subconscious, without us knowing.  We do not notice the connection until after it's too late.  Then the damage is done, and we have nothing by way of proof, just the eerie feeling that this coincidence is far too contrived, and we have been conditioned and prepared for this moment.  I remember that feeling when I saw the twin towers burn on TV in '01.  I thought it was a movie, until I learned it was real, and I remember feeling that "it had finally happened."  Like several roads merging into one somehow.
So the Illuminati do this, and even being aware of it and talking about it to an extent gives them power, because we see it as powerful.  Still, I would rather be aware of the truth, then blissfully ignorant.  That's just me.  Bliss is not so great when it is contingent upon the projection and sustainability of an illusion.   Well, I believe that these cards are partly just that, a precursor to the real occurrence, or a boast about the future glories of these global elitist bastards.  After all, the Illuminati is based on the occult, and much of the occult and this "law of attraction" is based on images.  They have symbolism.  They create a reality... especially in people's minds.  I once read about the word vs. the image.  The spoken, or written word is language.  It is a translation of ideas through language.  However, images have MUCH more power, because they "say a thousand words."  They are beyond language barriers, they remain burned into your mind better than words.  they convey many more feelings, thoughts, and ideas much quicker.  Visually.  They are their own form of reality.  The book The Secret is about the law of attraction.  It talks about the methods used by the elite to gain wealth and power and keep it.  It has a lot to do with one's attitude, and VISUALIZING success.  The book encourages people to write down their desires as though they are already in possession of them.  It says to visualize yourself having those desires fulfilled.  Also, draw PICTURES of what you want.  Eventually, once you believe you possess these things, the universe will bend to your reality.  This is an intriguing truth, and it can be very good for a person's attitude and success to follow this advice.  However, this is like the Force.  There is a dark side and a light side.  People will and do often use this "law of attraction" for evil purposes, and that is exactly what the Illuminati does, and that is why they make pictures, movies, videos, images of all types, of their goals being realized.  I believe this is the purpose for the cards.  There must be a heavy occult meaning to this.  Also, by releasing these images into the world of fiction and entertainment, people come to see those things as just that:  fiction and entertainment.  So if someone was to come up to you in 2000 and say that Tom Clancy wrote a book a few short years earlier, in which Japanese terrorists crash a plane into the Capitol, and you think this is a premonition of something to come very soon, you would tell them it was just a book, and that it couldn't possibly happen, since it is a work of fiction, and nobody would do that, we would easily see it coming.  But you would be wrong.  So when these fictional events actually come true, we are still somewhat numb to them, we are already CONDITIONED to see and experience these things.  They have made an easy transition from fiction to fact, and we still see them as we did when they were fiction.  Be aware of this phenomenon.

Anyways, here are some YouTube videos about the card game.  It kind of blew my mind.  These are not normally the type of videos I would present, because there is a more "religious" spin to some of it.  I am merely pointing out what's out there and what's going on, however, and to me, religion is often another form of the occult, generally more insidious.  But the makers of these films were not necessarily preaching religion.  There is something to be said about seeing the truth of the NWO emerging, and turning to God, or starting to truly listen to Jesus Christ or something, because of it.  People DO need to know that we do not have to accept their oppression and defeat.  I believe ultimately in devout faith in the Lord and trust in the true Jesus Christ, as well as respect for the Prophets and Sages.  The Way Truth Life will save you.  But not the new world order or the occult, or religion, with it's extension of occult symbolism.  Still, there is much great prophetic and symbolic imagery in the Bible.  If one studies the Bible, one can see many signs of the times around us right now, detailed in different parts of the book.
But I digress.  I just want people to find out about this card game.

This next one is pretty good, it shows many more of the cards.
Here is a multi-part video with  apparently all 526 cards in alphabetical order.

Schemes of The Domestic Enemy (Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man)

Dear Reader,
Tonight I am speaking to the skeptic.  To those that don't believe.  You think you believe, because you think that means believe in your leaders, have faith in the future of the nation.  You are the ones that make fun of the "paranoid" YouTubers, saying that we have to sometimes give up our freedoms in exchange for security. You think that the government tells more or less the truth, lets people in on what they need to know, and keeps certain information confidential for the sake of national security.  It's part of their job, and that's why we elect qualified people for office.  You couldn't imagine things being other than what they appear to be.  One side is right, and the other is wrong.  It's that simple.

Well, I would like to establish that we cannot trust the government, or its officials, or its agencies.  Let me see how I can best describe it:
Public Enemies.  Enemies of the Constitution.  Enemies of Freedom.  Treasonous, narcissistic, lying, scheming, corrupt, evil, wicked men of lawlessness.  Subhuman, elitist, criminals, with immunity.  Murderous, bribe-taking slave-masters.
Some of you do not believe me.  You think your leaders can be trusted.  I get it.  You can't imagine what you would do if you had proof beyond a doubt that your President was willing to kill innocent people to accomplish corrupt purposes.  What if it came to light that government agencies would stage a fake attack on the United States public, sacrificing American lives, so that a war could be waged?  How would you react?  What difference would it make if someone made it known to you that no matter who or what party you elected, the candidates would sell you out once elected?  Would you still vote?  Would you throw away your vote on an independent candidate?  Would it do any good?  What should you do instead?  You have no answer for that.  You are trapped in your ignorance.  Your skepticism is your confinement.  You will have to deny the truth in fact, when it is right in front of you.  How did you get in this predicament?  You were the one who told the freaks and weirdos that they were paranoid, setting their over-zealous, gullible ideas straight.  You told them they should get back in line, say what they're supposed to, believe what they're told.  They said they were believers, they believed the truth.  You said they were crazy, they were making it all up, believing frauds and fakes.  You may have been one of the people who faked evidence just to prove it could be done, and that helped the secret agencies in their disinformation campaign, because you made the believers look silly, but you thought it was only for your amusement.  You didn't know you were serving sinister forces.  But you were.  Now, you are facing this new truth, undeniably.  What will it take to make you believe?  What will you do if undeniable proof confronts you?  You believed you were the one who knew the truth.  You were superior to them, because they believed lies.  Now you are confronted with the truth which they already were aware of, and YOU are the one who has believed the lies.  How does that feel?  What will you do?  Is your pride greater than your humility?  Will you deny the truth?  Lie to yourself? Now who is the crazy one?  Who is the one in denial now?
You don't believe me, I know.  It's hard to understand something that completely destroys the worldview you have held to your whole life.  But here is yet more proof of the Establishment's plans to deceive, inveigle, and obfuscate.
Some readers already know about Operation Northwood.  Ladies and gentlemen, i give you The Northwood document PDF file.

Why did I slur the government?  I'm calling them out.  Dear Establishment.  Please stop hurting Americans and the Spirit of the U.S.  Stop disregarding the Constitution and raping our Bill of Rights so that we can be independent of your wickedness.  If not, make me disappear, I dare you.  I double dog dare you.  If you don't, I may be more trouble down the road then you could imagine.  Can you take that chance?  I will make it my purpose in life to expose the lies, and spread the truth, and I'm pretty much done with subtlety... it's not my style.  Love, Hazel the Newt.  So maybe nobody will listen to me.  But I will continue.  Why did I call out the Establishment?  Watch this video by Kid Sin.  Here it is embedded.
Every divisive conflict is a distraction from the truth, from Republicans Vs. Democrats to Christianity Vs. Islam.  And everything in between.  You are playing directly into their hands.  Blame it on religion?  On God?  Perfect.  You will either believe the propaganda, and fall into line, and believe the Anti-Christ they have created in the image of Jesus, or you will sense the lies, and reject God, not realizing that the RELIGION is the lie, not the Lord.  You will throw out the dishes with the dishwater.  Their plan is working perfectly.  Blame it on politics or affiliation?  Class?  Education?  Anything but the real culprits.

Pharmacy Failure: Obama's Birth Certificate (UPDATE)

So, the digital copy birth certificate of Barack Obama, supposed President of the United States, which was discussed in the entry Pharmacy Failure: Obama's Birth Certificate, has been downloaded off the Whitehouse's official website,, by one of my consultants, and analyzed at length on the Adobe Illustrator program by him.  He says that it is not only NOT an ordinary document that was scanned as is, and NOT conclusively a legitimate document, but also, that it is so obviously a FRAUD or FORGERY, that you would have to be more than inept with Illustrator to miss it.  Somewhere between a vegetable and a rock, I believe was his stance on it.  There are characters that are obviously monotone, on a color document.  There are layers to the document that are only present on a document that has been altered in several different ways.  White splotches, where marks were painted out, random imperfections in the watermark, a cropped edge, matching characters that were obviously added digitally... It is not just a forgery, but a VERY BAD one.  BEYOND a SHADOW of a DOUBT!  There are SO MANY discrepencies.  The color of the lettering is an important thing to note.  The different monotone numbering and lettering, that stands out against color-copying... The WHOLE THING is ridiculous.  And the government put it on the website for us to view.  Either we were just supposed to glance at it, and say, "Oh, yeah.  I guess he IS an American," and just blindly accept their manipulation, or they are shoving our noses in our helplessness against their unquestioned power.  Laughing at their subservient serfs as we toil away for the increase of their empire.  Our best guess is that, since the government selects technical talent not for their actual abillity, but rather for their ability to keep their mouths shut and do what they're told (so, people of lower to average intelligence) then their "Documentation and Information Computer Specialist" guy was probably some old bastard who only knew how to use MS Paint, or something, and just threw the forgery together.

I for one am outraged.  I am sick of this shit!  I am less and less proud to be an American; I am right now wishing I was never a part of this country, and considering moving to another country.  Our leaders make me sick.  They think we are their slaves!  We have to believe this bullshit, and they aren't even TRYING to be convincing anymore.  They just spew out some random crap to explain away the truth, regardless of how inexpressibly outrageously implausible and fake and fraudulent... and we are expected to just eat it all up.  This nation makes me sick.  Check out this information.  And people wonder why I'm such an alcoholic.

In the Evil Storm, where the gods sold their souls to the Rain Man

I have for a long time been pondering how it is that "extra-terrestrials" fit into our history, beyond the fact that they've been buzzing us and probing us for decades.  Because the question still remains, WHY??  I think it goes back to the beginning of history.  This history.  Obviously, we have a description of what has happened on this planet since our human race sort of... emerged.  There's a lot of mythology and science mixed in to the history.  I believe that the planet has seen other civilizations, other races, entire other courses of history of other races of being, or possibly our own humanity, long before the history we now have began.  But as for OUR existence, where did it come from?

Most intelligent scholars and scientists will admit that the "hypothesis of evolution," the thought that all life as it is now developed randomly into what it is now over millions, nay, billions of years, starting from one microbe, is absurd and need barely be entertained (the odds are better for someone to take a pile of parts, all the parts of a Boeing 747, somehow throw them all in the air, and have them fall back to the ground to form the 747 completely assembled).  But what is the alternative?  Is there a God that can be personified into the "Creator?"  This is where the whole thing gets twisted.

When I think of the creation story in the Bible, I imagine a bright dude, like some man-like entity, yet amorphous, and kind of obscured by his own brightness.  And he floats in the air over "the deep" and stuff like that... In my mind, when he's creating the universe, he is bright and light before there is even light or dark... and that doesn't make any sense.  But I have to have this image in my mind because he rests on the seventh day, so he actually sits under a tree and reads a book and drinks a beer and stuff.  Whatever.  The point is, this is a mythology of creation.  That being that I imagine is not God, he is a lesser god, whatever his name is.  The real highest God, is probably not a god at all, but more like the Force.  It's body is the universe, it's mind is nature, and the passing of time.  Basically it's something totally incomprehensible, yet completely powerful.  I don't know, maybe that's just a beautifully retarded sentiment.  I just can't find it in myself to compress the idea of an INFINITE god that is higher than any others, into something smaller that would DO THINGS in the way which we think of one "DOING things."  For example, if we were to think of a creator creating life, it would be something smaller than him, and we would use some other substance to grow it, we would probe it, and study it, and if we were powerful enough, use things like sound waves, words, thoughts, or plain old science to get the job done.  To me, this is a minuscule and very illogical, flawed view of God.  That God would take it upon himself to actively do ANYTHING, even SPEAK to create us, is a bit rediculous.  He's powerful enough to have powerful beings create other powerful beings that make other beings that take what has been created by them and other higher beings, and synthetically develop what eventually becomes the human race.  This One true God, would probably have other beings ascending to godhood, getting more and more powerful.  Like the universe is a training academy for gods or powers.  Creator school.  So these beings will often take the wrong path or start a misguided crusade.  They will also experiment with creation.  They will experiment with technology, and have a power structure, a hierarchy.  So the creators of "Adam and Eve" were probably what we call "extra-terrestrials," what the Sumerians called Annunaki or one of those type of things.  The Hebrews called it Yaweh.  Or thought it was a manifestation of Yaweh.  I have had many theories and done much studying on these ideas, and it seems the more I know, and the more perspectives I consider, the less I really can say that I know what happened.

I don't want to give the impression I don't believe in God, and that I don't worship him.  Many will try to deceive you into living as the forces of evil would want, and say that "Lucifer" is the one to follow.  But it is a trick.  I am beginning to believe that the angels and demons and God  and aliens and Jesus, and Lucifer are all real, and that far from being simply religious, mythological, and spiritual ideas, truths or entities, that they are REAL physical beings and forces within and outside our scope of reality.  But the demons believe in God.  Followers of Baphomet, and Freemasons believe in God.  But they choose Lucifer because he offers them wealth and fame or power, or the ability to feel like God... he appeals to the narcissistic one in each of us.  But it is a trap that brings us under the power of another.  As it turns out, I am beginning to think that the Bible is possibly a more accurate representation of what really happened than I originally believed.  It just over-mystifies an occurrence which it seems is just ordinary cosmic activity.  Watch this video... you have to read it, sorry to those of you who don't like that.  It has pretty music too, though, and a few pictures.  It is a good breakdown of the mythology.

There is an alternative to "evolution" which I have entertained.  What if these powerful beings were so technologically advanced that they developed or "evolved" our genetics in a laboratory?  We were science experiments to them, and probably still are.  Or what if we were, as the video above merely hints at, created as a race of slaves?  Maybe we escaped, and possibly escaped another planet to come to Earth in exile.  Does that mean that our former masters are still trying to control us?  Could this explain our current behavior?  The fact that millions of people in our history have suffered as slaves, and no sooner do we free ourselves than we find yet another way to be enslaved?  What am I talking about, you ask?

In our world today, we are enslaved.  Our minds are enslaved, and that's all it takes.  We serve money.  We serve other slaves.  Powerful secret organizations are the masters of our minds.  And alien hybrids.  Can you explain why we willingly piss away hour after hour, day after day in some sweat-shop we call a job, slaving to make someone else rich?  We give them our most precious gifts, our time, and our freedom, and all for what?  So they can benevolently allow us to be clothed, fed, and sheltered?  Whatever extra we have we spend on proliferating their values, buying their merchandise, supporting their music, their movies.  It's ridiculous.  We don't even see it.  All the addictions, all the corruptions... A government who is trying to kill off at least a third of us or more, so that the remaining servants left are all the more easily manipulated.  It's members are of one mind--they make themselves money, see us as their SERFS... to the leaders of our nation (that would be the bankers and power-mongers), we exist to bring them satisfaction, and make them wealthy and powerful.  Look at the black man.  Enslaved for generations, then freed, as all men should be.  Now our culture is re-enslaving them.  I think it's odd that the black culture is so proud of it's rappers and musical artists, but they are hard working slaves of yet more powerful, rich white people.  White men of Freemasonry.  Some of them are the highest levels of the Illuminati, represented by the number 33 in numerology... 11x3.  11=K.  33=KKK.  The Illuminati sees blacks as the lowest of humans, and consider them disgusting, and only worth the lowest of satanic rites.  They will be the most used and abused slaves, serving Baphomet.
They are not singing spirituals anymore, to fix their mind on a benevolent hand of deliverance.  Now they sing about money, power, violence, hatred, sexual perversion.  It's what they are told to say, made to record.  I mean what can I say, I listen to it too.  But that is because the powerful men in control of "the industry" have it playing all around me.  Everybody is brainwashed into listening to and living out the crap.  I am not being racist by mentioning black people, the fact is, rap music is largely their creation, it is their brain child, their baby... and the very thing that "white power" has them chained with, once again enslaved.  Wherever it goes, the black man is the face on the poster.  I see rapper after rapper throwing up signs, and they are giving love to secret societies, the "Illuminati."  It has taken over the music entertainment industry.  People who are involved in this sort of thing, think that they are now "ELITE," but they are actually just serving a larger slave-master.  Their "Rain Man" that gives them blessings from above, makes it rain on them, and rains down terrible vengeance when they turn away from him, and the contracts they have made with him.  Here is a long video about exactly this:  The music industry, and how it is manipulated by the Illuminati, what is really going on behind the scenes.  Read fast, pay attention, look at the symbolism, and take this video to heart.  It is very powerful, and explains a lot of things that we have seen and heard.
Until next time, Godspeed.